Bored with Burgers? Make it a Summer Fiesta Party Instead

Tacos for a summer fiesta partyBored with burgers at every summer gathering? Kick it up a notch at your next summer party or Cinco de Mayo celebration by making it a Fiesta!

One of the things I like best about putting together a summer fiesta party is that rather than cooking over the grill the entire evening, we can actually enjoy visiting with our guests because everything for the summer fiesta party can be made in advance!

The Menu


When you think about a fiesta, the margarita is the first drink the comes to mind! Go beyond the basic margarita with these awesome margarita recipes:

For the kids, mix up some fruit punch and add some lemon lime soda or blend up some quick strawberry smoothies (blend frozen strawberries, orange juice and a banana) topped with whipped cream.


Start of the party with simple appetizers such as tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole and queso. Put out a tray of olives, jalepenos, red and yellow peppers and some fresh jicama strips for variety.

The Taco Bar

Use a long table or counter top to set up a taco bar for your guests. Guests will be able to build their perfect taco by mixing and matching ingredients to their individual liking. Suggested items for the taco bar include:

  • Put out plenty of soft tortillas and heat up hard taco shells
  • Seasoned ground beef
  • Shredded pork
  • Slow cooked Mexican chicken
  • Depending on your guests, fish or shrimp might be a nice addition, too
  • Put out plenty of shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and shredded chees
  • You may want to incorporates some chili peppers (visit Start Cooking for an excellent video on selecting and working with chili peppers)
  • Don’t forget sliced black olives, salsa, guacamole and some sour cream for toppings
  • Refried beans, black beans or pinto beans
  • Spanish rice


Quick and easy desserts are the perfect finish to a summer fiesta!

  • Save time and mess by making yummy, no-fry fried ice cream balls in advance.
  • Churros are a deep fried, doughnut like treat that are always a hit with the kids. You can make them yourself or find them ready to bake in the freezer section of many grocery stores
  • Cinnamon crisps and fruit salsa are another simple and kid-friendly dessert – perfect for a fiesta party or any occasion!

Games & Activities

  • You can’t have a fiesta without a pinata (learn how to make your own pull-string pinata)!  And pinatas are not just for kids. Mix it up and get a pinata just for the grown ups! Fill it with candy and grown up treats.
  • Fill an inexpensive sombrero with inexpensive gifts. Have guests pass the sombrero while the music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the hat gets to pick a prize. Use your imagination – fill the hat with treats, tasks, challenges, and such depending on the age of your party guests. This is similar to a game of pass the present or hot potato.
  • Organize relay races or if it is a nice day, try some fun backyard water games.


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