Princess and the Frog Birthday Party Theme

Disney’s newest princess, Tiana, has taken the birthday world by storm! The Princess and the Frog birthday party theme is one of the most popular themes for little girls right now. Could it have something to do with the fact that Tiana is simply one of the most beautiful Disney princesses yet? Or is it the silly frog and the sweet story line? Either way, this is a great theme for a birthday party your princess and her friends will not soon forget.

Start with sending out some magical personalized Princess and the Frog invitations – add a little green glitter to the envelopes to make them even more “magical”.

Decorate the party area with light purple, green and a little gold – save money by using solid color party decorations and make your own centerpiece using a Princess Tiana doll or a large stuffed animal frog sitting on paper lily pad leaves with a little gold sparkle added in.

Print out Princess and the Frog coloring pages or this fun Princess and the Frog word search as an activity for guests to do while waiting for everyone to arrive or while the birthday girl is opening her gifts.

Ideas for party games at your Princess and the Frog party:

  • A frog pinata filled with candy and favors (see below for some very cute Princess and Frog favor ideas)
  • Pin the tiara on the princess
  • A version of duck, duck, goose using the words frog, frog, princess
  • Pass the present – wrap a box of small favors (enough for 1 per guest) in multiple layers of sparkly wrapping paper. Have guests pass the gift while music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the gift removes a layer of paper. Keep going until the last layer is unwrapped and then the favors are passed out.

The Princess and the Frog party theme is very versatile and you are only limited by your imagination (and budget). 

Cake photo via Flickr.

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